Thursday, 31 May 2012

Hi everybody! Here is Victor again:

Today I'm talk about my favorite film; Vanilla Sky

To starts this movie it's the American version of a spanish film called "Abre los Ojos" inspired in the surrealist movement.

The movie start with David Aames, a young men that have all that an American men's wants; girls, money and power because he it's a heir and owner of a successful company of publishing in New York.

In his birthday, he meets Sofìa Serrano and fall in love instantly, let in a second place his friend Julianna Gianni who hitherto thought had a sort of romantic relationship with David.

This encounter with Sofìa makes David think about his life and his need of settle down and change his spendthrift life style. All in a night when David discovers what is the "true love".  

Everything changes when, prompted  by jealousy, Julianna causes an accident, crashing his car out of a bridge with David's into the car who finished completely desfigurated.

With this, David can see the other side of life and the movie continues.....

To finish, hereis the trailer video of the movie... enjoy!!!!



  1. Hello Victorcillo, oh! this is a good movie and I love Tom Cruise. Kisses Bye!

  2. I like so much this movie!! and i love cameron diaz <3!! :)

  3. Victor is a really good movie, i don't remenber the end of the movie but is really good.

  4. This film is also one of my favorites, is an excellent movie, highly recommended.