Thursday, 26 April 2012

Hi everyone!!! again.....

Here's Victor

The last week I told them about my favorite Band, Oasis, Do you remember?  

Well, in this occasion I go to talk about the Compact Disc or better known like CD's.... 

If you don't know what is a CD, it's a optical disc used to store digital data. A standard CD have a diameter of 12 Centimeters and it's still the favorite way of storage and commercialization of music of the world.    

In my house my mother have a lot of CDs but they were not mine. My first CD it was one of a Chilean rock group called Tronic and was a friend's gift. The name of the CD was "Ke patine la Risa". 

If you've never used a CD ,let me tell you that is the easiest thing in the world! You just need a Radio or a Computer with an optical unit and press the button to open the unit, late you must put the CD there and finally press the same button again to close the unit and can listen or check the information  on the CD. 

Currently I don't use the CDs to much because they are replaced by the DVDs and the Mp3 files. But sometimes it's agreeable feel the magic of listening your favorites bands in the radio with their original CD.
I think that if the CDs had never invented maybe the Mp3 files and the DVDs had never been seen by the world and probably still we would use the vinyl disc's like our grandparents. 


  1. I agree with about the invention of the Mp3 files, i still have in cd's of soda stereo and i love it

  2. this is a really good band, I listened in high school. I dn't like much the cds because this to get easy scratched.
    well, I hope you're fine.
    see you

  3. Victor I like Tronic a lot! is a nice piece of technology.