Thursday, 19 April 2012

Hi everyone! here's Victor again!

What would be of the world without music?


I don't know, but it would be a very sad world.

In my small head's world a band it's the soundtrack of my life.

Did you heard about Oasis? Any song? 

Well, if you not. Here's a short info about they:

Oasis was a band born in Manchester, UK and their first name was "The Rain". Their principal members was the Gallagher brothers, Noel and Liam. Unfortunately after of a big discussion between both, the band break up and Liam create a new band "Beady Eye" without Noel.

Oasis is known in the world for being a pioneer in the kinds Britpop and Indie Rock, Together with groups like Blür and The Verve.

The first song that the world public acclaimed was "Supersonic"; later the song that took them to the world reputation was "Wonderwall". Then, his another great success was "Stand by me" and "Don't look back in anger" sung by Noel.

Oasis it's my favorite band currently because their music it's awesome and too because helps me in a very sad moment for me. When my girlfriend break up with me. Before that songs like "Stop Crying you heart" and "Don't look back in anger" turned into a great consolation for me.

If you want, here some Videos of they.

First Acquiesce - Live, late Stand by me and finally Wonderwall:


  1. I like Oasis and i know what is feel bro when you hear "Stop Crying you heart" and "Don't look back in anger" after a break up :/ special when "she" break up the relationship :/

  2. the oasis is a great band, especially the vocalist Noel Gallagher.He is one of the best singer in the world!

  3. I love Oasis, is a very good english band!! my favourite song is "Don't look back in anger" and i think it is very sad :(